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A Message from Julie . . .

From the time I was a newborn, I was raised with dogs. Dogs of all breeds, all kinds, all types. I cannot remember a time in my life that we didn't have a dog, because there wasn't any such time. I not only loved dogs, but I relied on them. I relied on them to be my best friend, to offer a furry shoulder to cry on, to play and laugh with, to use as a pillow, to be there for me always. My parents would make fun of me, and still pick on me to this day about how everytime I'd break up with a boyfriend, I had to go rescue another puppy. And there were never enough, I loved them all ! And wanted every puppy I ever saw !  People started to realize how we loved and cared for our dogs, and we started seeing strays dropped off close to our home quite often. We would always feed the strays, and care for them. And that's mostly why we ALWAYS had dogs. Sometimes there would be pregnant ones that would come, and they would have thier puppies at our home. I just loved playing and caring for the puppies ! Then one day, when I was about 18 years old, I responded to an advertisement for A.K.C. Boxer pups for sale. I went to the lady's house planning to purchase a puppy for my mother. Well, turns out, I fell in love with the brindle puppy at first sight, and she stole my heart and became mine from that moment on. She was my very first A.K.C. full blooded dog ! Before that, all of our dogs were mostly strays and rescues. From that moment on, I fell in love more and more with the Boxer, Mastiff, Bulldog, etc. breeds. (they all have sort of the same features, etc.) Cayann (my boxer's name) was my baby, and when I got married in 2000, she went along with us everywhere we went. She was our child. We miss her dearly now, she passed away in 2004. But I knew I couldn't live without a dog, or dogs. So I was interested in the Mastiff breed, and started doing my research. I done TONS and TONS of research. I knew that I wanted to get into showing and breeding. I wanted to do something with my love for dogs. So I learned all about the popular mastiff bloodlines, and pedigrees, and testing, etc. Then I purchased my first mastiff - a brindle girl who I named " Shyann "  after Cayann. After several months, I was ready for another one, and that's when I got " Xander " my fawn boy. No dog will ever replace Cayann, but I do really love my mastiffs. And I have high hopes and plans for them. We have alot of goals to reach together ! Now I'm preparing for another mastiff girl. I'm hoping to get her in October 2006. My love for dogs seems to " run in the blood," because my little girl really enjoys our mastiffs. I hope that one day, she'll be a junior handler. She'll know so much more than I ever knew about showing and breeding dogs at her age. I had to learn it all on my own, and it's been a rough road with LOTS and LOTS of research, hard work, etc.. But I'll be able to hand it all down to her if she should choose it. She'll learn everything I know and am still learning, and perhaps one day she'll be a great handler, breeder, vet, who knows ! She has so many opportunities !
Xander Mountain Mastiffs has lots of high hopes, and with that, I welcome you to watch us achieve our goals along the way !

My Love for Dogs . . .

Julie at 6 years old

Julie 25 years old (2006) with Xander

Julie at 8 years old with Hannah the collie

Julie with Xander & Shyann 2006