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Xander Mountain Mastiffs prices may vary depending on the quality of each individual pup, and/or depending on the age of the pup for sale.



Defining the difference between "Show Quality" and "Pet Quality" ...
When we say "Show Quality" ... we mean that the puppy is well suited for and that we will allow the pup to be bred and shown if desired.
When we say "Pet Quality" ... we mean that the puppy's purpose is to be a pet and not to be bred and the pup will come with a legal binding contract stating that the pup cannot ever be bred. And we will require in the contract that you must get the pup fixed once he/she is old enough.

Show Quality Male pups
between the ages of 8 -12 weeks                                 $1,300.00
Pet Quality Male pups
between the ages of 8 - 12 weeks                                $1,200.00
Show Quality Female pups
between the ages of 8  - 12 weeks                               $1,500.00
Pet Quality Female pups
between the ages of 8 -12weeks                                  $1,300.00
Shipping of puppies varies by weight
For an 8 week old puppy - shipping costs will be approx $250 per puppy.

Shipping Puppies


For those interested in our stud service
Stud Fee/s  is as follows . . .
At time of Stud Service ~ "Stud Service Fee" -
The owners of the bitch agree to pay all expenses incurred for the purpose of this breeding at the time they are incurred, including but not limited to, all veterinary costs, artificial insemination, and semen collection, or if natural breeding - food costs, care costs, travel expenses, etc.
Per Puppy fee (if successful breeding occurs) is required to be payed by the time the puppies born are no more than 12 weeks old.
Signed stud contract must be received prior to breeding.
Within 12 weeks after litter whelp date -
If your bitch produces 4 or more puppies - $1,200.00  *Total
If your bitch produces less than 4 pups - $300.00  *Per Pup
~ The puppy fee is obviously for successful breeding/s only. If a breeding is NOT successful ... then only the "Stud Service" fee is required to be payed.
* Please Note -
A late charge of FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) per week will be applied to the stud fee for late payments. Before stud dog owners sign the registration any payments made by bitch owners via personal check must have cleared the bank. To avoid delays we suggest certified funds in the way of certified check, money order or Cash in hand.