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Anytime and Everytime you consider getting a pup of a breed that you have no experience with, ALWAYS do your research. So many people these days simply go buy a breed that they seen on a new hit movie, or tv show and know nothing about the breed, and then 6 months or so down the road, once Fido is growing up and not that cute little puppy anymore, he goes to the pound. It's not right ! Why should these dogs/pups have to suffer because someone saw thier breed on TV ? And that's the only reason they got them ?
            If you're interested in one of my mastiff pups and you call me and ask me WHAT a mastiff looks like or is, there's a FAT chance that you'll get one of my pups. And it's not that I'm being rude, I just don't want to feel as though I placed any of my pups in an unstable home. I don't want them to end up in the pound like so many others.
             So please, READ books about mastiffs, do your research. There's SOOOOO many sites online where you can get information about these wonderful dogs ! Some are listed on my " links" page. And if you are TRULY wanting a mastiff pup from me, and have no experience with them, email or call me and I can also help you out by sending you all sorts of information on the breed before you ever commit to buying one. I had to do the research before I ever got my mastiffs, and it payed off ! Below are some books on Mastiffs. And there's also a search engine so that you can find anything else - for example "dog training," "Dog Nutrition," etc.