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Tips on Training E-Book Bundle . . .
We offer a wonderful e-book bundle to all of our new puppy owners for free ! We can email it, or send a CD. Please note that we are not responsible for shipping and handling fees of free CD's. If you haven't received one, just email us and we'll send it to you.
Everyone else who is not an owner of one of our pups can purchase it. Below are the titles of all the e-books included on this one CD/or in email. And the prices are below also.
Author ; Charles Heflin

1. 7 days to a housebroke dog

2. Mastiff Training Secrets 

3. Alpha Dog

4. How Dogs Think

5. Professional Dog Training Made Easy

6. The Ultimate Healthy Dog

7. Aggressive Dog



Email Bundle   : $3.00

CD by mail        : $5.00 (S&H included)

Tips on Training Email Bundle

Tips on Training CD Bundle

Besides suggesting the training e-books ... Here's some FREE information about raising and training mastiffs. From my personal experience and opinions.
The best time to start a mastiff in training and basic obedience is when the mastiff is young and still on the small side. Because once the pup gets to be a few months old ... although it is yet a puppy ... since it's a MASTIFF ... it's already very large in size. And that makes it alot more difficult for training.
It just makes it harder to command obedience. So training needs to start at a young age for mastiffs. The best time to start is approx 14 - 16 weeks old. That is still young enough that the pup is small enough to handle, plus it gives time for the pup to have all it's puppy shots and health checkup/s.
At the appropriate age (preferrably 14-16 weeks old) - look in your local phone book under dog training. Or search online for dog training in your area. If you cannot find any local dog trainers ... then find the closest PetSmart ... they offer dog training classes there also.
Once you find a local trainer ... call them up and explain to them that your pup is a Mastiff and ask what classes they recommend for you. Then take your pup and work with him/her through his classes. Don't miss any if possible. The classes not only provide good training, but also good socialization with other dogs.
Here's a few things you may want to ask your local trainer :
1. Do you require that all dogs/pups must have up to date vaccination and a health check before being eligible for a dog training class ?
(the answer SHOULD BE YES ... you don't want to take your pup to a class where there are sick dogs !)
2. Have you ever trained a mastiff before ?
(it would be good if the answer is yes ... but as long as the trainer feels capable of training a large breed such as a mastiff then that will do)
3. What training classes do you suggest for my pup ?
(explain to the trainer your pup's breed, current age and size, and also it's current temperament AND what you want out of him. . .obedience only ... advanced obedience ... tricks, whatever you want your pup to be taught)
4. What is the schedule for the training classes you suggested for my pup ?
(make sure the trainer's schedule works with YOUR schedule so that you're not missing classes)
5. How many classes will my pup be attending ?
(make sure you're getting your money's worth - for instance - your pup isn't gonna learn basic obedience in less than 6 classes !)
6. How long have you been training dogs ?
(try not to be prejudice against new trainers ... if they haven't been doing it for long .. then ask about their credentials)
You can take or add from this list of questions. These are simply questions that I would ask when considering dog training classes for my fur babies. You want to get your money worth, and you want your mastiff/s to be obedient. It's IMPORTANT for your mastiff/s to be obedient AND to get proper socialization. Very Important. A dog can be ruined if raised incorrectly.
Good luck in raising your mastiff/s !