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When purchasing a pup from Xander Mountain Mastiffs, there are certain procedures to follow. One includes the completion of our contract/s. The contracts are for the sole purpose of a secure transaction between breeder and buyer, and a happy, healthy puppy.

IF you do not understand why we use these contract/s. Or you do not understand their purpose, then please click the link directly below and watch the slide show movie. Then perhaps you'll understand.



Xander Mountain Mastiffs

355 Baer drive

Meyersdale, PA 15552


Sales Contract

Name of pup: Xander Mountain's __________________

AKC Registration#: ___________________________

Sex: Color:_________

DOB: _________

Sire: _______________________________________

Sire AKC#: __________________________________

Dam: _______________________________________

Dam AKC#: __________________________________

This puppy has been sold as: ______________________

Show Potential with Full AKC Registration : ___________ (yes or no)

This puppy is clear of PRA thru parentage and will never develop PRA.

All shipping and transportation expenses, including health certificates and crate will be paid for by the buyer, before puppy is shipped.

Xander Mountain Mastiffs , hereinafter refered to as seller, has sold to the buyer, the above named English Mastiff, hereinafter, refered to as mastiff, for a total amount of _________________Said mastiff will not leave the premises of Xander Mountain Mastiffs until the FULL purchase price of said mastiff is paid. Deposits are non-refundable. Payment made be made in cash, money order, or cashiers check, made out to Julie Weimer.

In purchasing this mastiff, the buyer so named herein agrees to the following as indicated by their initials at the bottom of each page along with their signatures at the end of the contract.


1. The buyer agrees to keep the mastiff confined from traffic, with access to

a fenced yard, or to be exercised daily on leash, properly sheltered,

with adequate food and water, and to provide regular veterinary care. The buyer

further agrees that this mastiff will NEVER be trained as an attack dog,

nor is the mastiff to be used as a fighting dog. Also, the buyer agrees to

never chain or tie the mastiff for long periods of time, or allow it to roam at large.

2.. Buyer agrees to administer monthly heartworm prevenative starting no

later than when the mastiff is three (3) months old, and to be continued

for life.

3. Buyer agrees to register the mastiff with the AKC within one year

of receipt of the registration application. The buyer also agrees to send a

copy of the AKC registration certificate within (30) thirty days of

receipt from the AKC to the breeder.

4. Buyer agrees to always use sellers kennel name "Xander Mountain's" at the

beginning of the mastiffs registered name.

5. Buyer agrees to notify seller within thirty (30) days of any change in

address or telephone number.

6. This mastiff or any offspring of this mastiff shall not be given to, sold

to, leased to, or cosigned to any commercial pet store, or any chain store,

puppy mill, commercial breeding establishment, nor any fund raising

raffle, no matter how charitable.

7. If the buyer is ever charged or convicted of animal abuse, or cruelty or

ever has their AKC privileges revoked for violating the AKC rules, the

buyer forfeits all rights and will immediately remand custody of the

mastiff, along with all AKC papers and records of the mastiff. The AKC

papers will be signed over to the seller, with the buyer receiving no refund.

8. The above described mastiff may not be euthanized or put to death

without the written consent of the seller. Exceptions to this are allowed

in instances of sever injury, illness, complications arising from old age,

or upon expressed recommendation of a licensed veterinarian.

9. Buyer has three (3) days from the date of purchase to have the

mastiff examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice. If a

problem is found by the veterinarian, the buyer may return the mastiff

with all paperwork and receive a refund of the purchase price or another

puppy - whichever is available at time of return. The buyer

agrees to provide a signed statement from the examining veterinarian

detailing the health problem. The seller assumes no responsibility for

injury, illness, death, or any expenses of the mastiff after it leaves the

sellers premises, due to miscare, neglect, or mishandling by the buyer.

This mastiff has been checked by the breeder’s veterinarian and found to

Be of good health at that time, but the breeder does not make any

Guarantees or claims to this mastiffs future condition, health or potential.

10. The seller will furnish a complete health record for the mastiff showing

innoculation dates, and will also furnish AKC registration papers

for the mastiff.

11. If for any reason, during the course of this mastiffs lifetime, the buyer

cannot or does not maintain custody of this mastiff, the seller " Julie Weimer "

is to be notified , and the mastiff MUST be returned

to the breeder at the buyers expense, along with the AKC papers signed

over to the breeder UNLESS stated otherwise by the breeder at time of notification. This does not mean that a refund will be given.

12. Buyers of a "show potential" mastiff bitch may not breed this mastiff

bitch before the age of twenty two (22) months or after the age of six (6)

years. No puppy from A result of breeding this mastiff bitch may be sold to

pet shops, puppy Mills, puppy brokers, or a commercial breeding establishment

13. Buyer is aware that seller recommends taking the mastiff puppy to

a puppy obedience class, before the age of one (1) year.


14. If this mastiff is purchased for breeding with full registration - all puppies

resulting from a stud service of a dog or breeding of a bitch

will be sold with a contract.


15. The buyer agrees that this mastiff will never be bred to any other

breed or crossbreed of dog, domestic or wild, and will only be

bred to an AKC registered Mastiff.

16. The buyer agrees that the Mastiff will not be leased/loaned or

reregistered into a co-ownership agreement/contract for purposes of

breeding/showing unless authorized in writing by the seller in writing

prior to breeding or transfer of registration.

17. The buyer agrees to make this mastiff available for stud services

(whether by artificial or natural means) to the breeder, at no cost

to the breeder by the buyer, with bitches the breeder owns or co-owns

when needed. If stud or bitch will need to be shipped for breeding, the

breeder will be responsible for shipping costs. If the breeding cannot

be done naturally, than the breeder shall be responsible for all costs

related to the breedings: such as, collection of stud dog, shipping of

semen and insemination of bitches.

Buyer agrees to sign litter registration when presented to the buyer by

The breeder. (only if puppy being sold is a male)

18. The buyer agrees that they will contact the breeder for any stud services

with this male mastiff to be done with any bitches not owned by the

buyer, for the breeders written approval of the bitch to be bred. The

buyer agrees that if the breeder does not feel that using this male mastiff

at stud with a bitch for any reason, they will not stud this mastiff to said

bitch. This is to protect the breeders mastiff line from getting into the

wrong hands (breeders of less than admirable ethics) and to protect the

breeders line from being bred to lines with known health, temperament

problems, etc. Seller will stay on the AKC papers as a co-owner in

name only. (if puppy being sold is a male)

19. The buyer agrees to contact the seller for their input and advice on

breeding this female mastiff. Seller will stay on the AKC papers as

a co-owner in name only. This is to protect the breeders mastiff line

getting into the wrong hands (breeders of less than admirable ethics)

and to protect the breeders line from being bred to lines with known

health, temperament problems, etc. Any puppies resulting from any

breeding of this mastiff bitch will belong soley to the buyer, as well

as any and all money from such puppies. (if puppy being sold is


20. The buyer agrees to enroll this particular puppy spoken of, in

Xander Mountain's Puppy Socialization Classes between the ages of

8 - 16 weeks until Class completion if the buyer is within a 20 mile radius

of the facilities in which the classes are held and as long as classes are available.


21. Right of Visitation: Breeder retains the right to visit, or have someone visit,

the Mastiff periodically to determine the welfare of the Mastiff and any of its offspring.



Since violations of this sales contract may be detrimental to the

Reputation and value of the sellers dogs and kennel name, buyer agrees

That the willful violation of any conditions of this contract, as herein

Stated, shall constitute a breach of contract, and the herein named mastiff

May be recovered immediately by the breeder without reimbursement or

Compensation to the buyer. The breeder shall be entitled to recover from

The buyer ALL expenses incurred by the breeder in reclaiming the said

Mastiff. Buyer agrees that any such violation entitles the breeder to

Payment on demand to an amount equal to the original Purchase price

of the mastiff and any and all shipping costs, health costs, and any other

recovery costs. Any violation Of the contract will deem any and all

warranties and guarantees void From that point forward.

In the event that the breeder must contact or retain an attorney to enforce

this contract, the buyer agrees that the mastiff will be returned to the

breeder at the buyers expense. The AKC papers shall also be returned

and signed over to the breeder at the same time. If this mastiff is given,

sold, or traded to a third party without the permission of the breeder,

the original buyer listed having breached this contract, will be held

responsible. Also the buyer will be responsible for payment of any and all

attorney/court costs associated with the recovery of the mastiff.

This contract contains the entire agreement made between the parties

Named herein, and supersedes any and all other agreements made

Between them. Should litigation become necessary to enforce the terms

Of this contract, the seller shall be entitled to cost thereof, including but

Not limited to: attorney fees, court costs, travel expenses incurred by the

Breeder and breeders attorney, and any and all other related expenses

And money and relief to which the breeder shall be entilted to.

All litigation shall be in the breeders home county and state, Somerset County,


I hereby have read, agree to, and understand all of the above conditions

And terms of this contract as so described in the preceding paragraphs



Seller(s) and Buyer(s) agree to the terms set above by their signatures



signature of seller date signature of buyer(s) date


printed name-seller printed name-buyer

Buyers Address:___________________________________________


Buyers Home Phone:_______________________________________

Buyers Work Phone:________________________________________

Buyers Employer:__________________________________________

Buyers Driver License# with State:_____________________________

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